Presentation Guideline

Presentation Guideline
Oral Presentations ※ Please arrive your session rooms early to upload your files.
  • Plenary Speeches: 40 min. (including presentation and discussion)
  • Keynote Speeches: 30 min. (including presentation and discussion)
  • Invited Speeches: 20 min. (17 min presentation and 3 min discussion)
  • Oral talks: 15 min (12min presentation and 3 min discussion)

All oral session rooms are equipped with a projector, a laptop computer, and a screen.
We recommend all presenters bring their presentation files via USB and use a laptop computer.

Poster Presentations
  • All poster presenters are recommended to stand by their posters during the designated time slots.
  • Display area is approximately A0 size (A0 size is W 84.4cm x H 118.9cm).
  • All poster presenters should put and remove their poster on time for each session.
    * Posters not displayed during the designated presentation time will be excluded from the judging process.
    * Any posters that remain unremoved until the Removal time will be disposed of.
  • We will provide poster stands and tapes. A sign designating your poster number will be provided on the board.
  • The boards will be arranged in the order that the poster presentations are listed in the final program(to be updated).

Poster presentation will be operated as per the schedule below.

Schedule of the Poster Session
Set up 27 Nov. 2023. 09:00 ~ 18:00
Displaying 28 Nov. 2023. 09:00 ~16:10
Presentatioin & Judging 28 Nov. 2023. 16:10 ~ 17:50 (1h 50m) *Adjusted!
Removal 29 Nov. 2023. ~ 17:50

※ Final presentation type (oral/poster) and time has been provided on the Notice after the review by the committee of APMA 2023.