Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers
Keynote I Biography Abstract

Prof. Suk-Joong Kang

Keynote Speech Title:
What we should consider for full densification when sintering

Keynote Speech Time: 27(Mon). Nov. 2023 15:30~16:00

Place: Room A

Keynote II Biography Abstract

Dr. Choongnyun Paul Kim
Kolon Industry

Keynote Speech Title:
Development of newly-designed Fe based metallic glass and metamorphic alloy powder and its application

Keynote Speech Time: 28(Tue). Nov. 2023 11:30~12:00

Place: Room B

Keynote III Biography Abstract

Prof. Hyoung Seop Kim

Keynote Speech Title:
Constitutive Modeling of Heterogeneous Architectured Materials Produced by Additive Manufacturing

Keynote Speech  Time: 28(Tue). Nov. 2023 13:30~14:00

Place: Room C

Keynote IV Biography Abstract

Dr. James Shipley

Keynote Speech Title:
Essential Post Processing Technologies for Critical AM Components

Keynote Speech  Time: 29(Wed). Nov. 2023 11:40~12:10

Place: Room B

Keynote V Biography Abstract

Dr. Sang Hoon Choi
Institute for Advanced Engineering

Keynote Speechk Title:
Electrorefining of titanium from Ti-Cu alloy in molten chlorides

Keynote Speech Time: 29(Wed). Nov. 2023 15:45~16:15

Place: Room A

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