Venue&Transportation Information

Venue & Transportation Information

Gyeongju Hwabaek International Convention Center (HICO) is Korea’s premier convention venue located in the Bomun Lake Resort Complex, one of Korea’s most popular tourist destinations. Hwabaek was the name of the aristocratic council that ruled Korea for 1,000 years (57 BC–935 AD). The modern center that takes its name from Hwabaek is composed of 15 meeting rooms including a convention hall (3,421㎡), exhibition hall (2,273㎡), and outdoor exhibition space (4,000㎡).

HICO is located near abundant accommodations and tourist attractions, including UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites like Bulguksa Temple, Seokguram Grotto, Yangdong Village, and the specially designated Gyeongju Historic Areas.


HICO is located within Bomun Lake Resort (Bomun Tourist Complex).
It is 21 km from Singyeongju Station which is served by KTX, 11 km from Gyeongju Intercity and Express Bus Terminals where the airport limousine bus stops, and 90 km from Gimhae International Airport.
Gyeongju is divided into seven districts: Bomun Lake Resort, Bulguksa Temple, Downtown, Namsan (Southern Mountain), East Bay, Seoak (Western Mountain), and Northern. Of these, Bomun Lake Resort is an all-inclusive tourist district centered around Bomun Lake.
It includes hotels, condominiums, golf courses, theme parks, theaters and other entertainment facilities as well as HICO, the area’s main venue.

Address 507 Bomun-ro, Gyeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do Province, Republic of Korea
Tel +82-54-702-1053
Shuttle Bus
The shuttle bus will pass through Shin-Gyeongju Station ↔ HICO during the conference peiod (27-29 Nov. 2023) as well as following the schedule.
Please take the bus at your convenience of schedule.
※ Please be advised that reservation for the shuttle bus will not be provided and some passengers      can’t take the bus because of the limitation of the passenger capacity of the bus.
※ Only one bus (45 People) will be operated for each time.
Date Route Departure Note
27(Mon) Nov.
Shin-Gyeongju Station → Hico 10:30

One bus

(45 People)

Shin-Gyeongju Station → Hico 12:30
Hico → Shin-Gyeongju Station 18:00
28(Tue) Nov.
Shin-Gyeongju Station → Hico 08:00
Shin-Gyeongju Station → Hico 09:00
Hico → Shin-Gyeongju Station 18:00
29(Wed) Nov. Shin-Gyeongju Station → Hico 08:00
Hico → Shin-Gyeongju Station 17:30
* Boarding Spot
A. Shin-Gyeongju Station

-Exit Sin-gyeongju Station through the main entrance (Gate 1) on the 1st floor.                                        -Follow the ‘City Tour/Shuttle’ signs and walk straight for 20m to the designated parking area         for shuttle buses.

Gate 1 ‘City Tour/Shuttle’ signs Boarding Spot Boarding Spot

                                                                                                               *Click the images to see the detailed image.

  • To Incheon Airport See more information
    4 hours, train runs 16 times a day.
    * Take the train to Gwangmyeong and take the Limousine bus number 6770 to Incheon Airport
  • To Daegu Airport
    1 hour, train runs twice in an hour(irregular).
    * Take the train to Dongdaegu
  • To Gimhae Airport
    2 hours, train runs twice an hour(irregular).
    * Take the train to Busan
    * Intercity buses are more convenient than trains.
City Buses
  • Nearby bus stop: 「Hilton Hotel · KT Training Center · Hwabaek International Convention Center (HICO)」
    Bus Nos. 700, 10, 11, 16, 18, 100-1, 150-1
  • From Singyeongju Station (KTX · SRT): Bus No. 700
    50 minutes (21 km), bus runs 8 times a day at 1 to 2-hour intervals
  • From Gyeongju Express Bus / Intercity Bus Terminals, Gyeongju Station: Bus Nos. 10, 11, 16, 18, 100-1, 150-1
    Gyeongju Express Bus / Intercity Bus Terminals: 25 minutes (11km)Gyeongju Station (Mugunghwa Line): 20 minutes (9.8km)
    *Bus No. 11 takes 30 minutes longer due to detours.
Airport Limousine Bus & Intercity Bus
[From Airport to Gyeongju Intercity Bus Terminal]
  • From Incheon International Airport: Take bus to 「Gyeongju · Pohang」 See more information >Get off at the Gyeongju Intercity Bus Terminal. 5 hours, bus runs 9 times a day
  • From Gimhae International Airport: Take bus to 「Gyeongju · Pohang」 See more information >
    Get off at the Gyeongju Intercity Bus Terminal. 90 minutes, bus runs 6 times a day
[From Gyeongju Intercity Bus Terminal to Airport] See more information >*Click & Press F5
    • To Incheon International Airport
      5 hours, bus runs 4 times a day.
      * Name of the Bus Stop: Gyeonju, Incheon International Airport
    • To Daegu International Airport
      90 minutes, bus runs 28 times a day.
      * Take the bus to East Daegu and take the taxi to Daegu International Airport.
      * Name of the Bus Stop: Gyeongju, East Daegu
    • To Gimhae International Airport
      80 minutes, bus runs 12 times a day.
      * Name of the Bus Stop: Gyeongju, Gimhaeair

             ※ The departing spot is not Gyeongju Express but Gyeongju(Intercity Bus Terminal).                                              Please check the departing spot’s exact name and location before heading.

             ※ Terminal on-site purchase only.

  • From Singyeongju Station (KTX · SRT)
    35 minutes (21 km), KRW 29,000~30,000 for one-way (surcharge included)
  • From Gyeongju Express Bus / Intercity Bus Terminals
    20 minutes (11km), KRW 15,000~18,000 for one-way (surcharge included)
  • From Gyeongju Station (Mugunghwa Line)
    15 minutes (9.8km), KRW 10,000~13,000 for one-way (surcharge included)

※ Taxi fares can be paid by cash (KRW) or credit card, regardless of the amount. Once you receive the receipt, you can contact the taxi driver even if you left your belongings in the taxi.

※ Kakao, one of the largest internet service providers in Korea, created Kakao Taxi. Kakao Taxi is gaining popularity in Korea even among foreign residents. Because the driver’s identity, etc. is clear, it is safer than other taxis and does not overcharge. If you download and use the free app, a taxi will come to you or ask for your location on the phone. Depending on the type of taxi you call, you may be charged a call fee of 1,000 won.